James S. Kendall

Writer, thinker, wanderer.

James S. Kendall is an author of fiction both literary and other. He's also a husband and father constantly searching for ways to be a better human.

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My fiction has appeared in The Antioch Review and West Branch.  I'm a winner of a Loft Mentorship Award.  I grew up mostly in southern Pennsyltucky where the Civil War’s violence and racism live unresolved.  But I also grew up in New York City, Florida (where I gained a brother), Indiana, Pittsburgh (where I swiped a degree from Carnegie Mellon), Colorado, and the roads between.  I’m continuing to grow up in Minneapolis with my wife, our house-spirit Wash, and an excitable creature named Merlin. 

I've been practicing writing since I was in grade school and trying to imagine the secret lives and adventures of earthworms.  I became enamored early with the excitement and complexity of sci. fi. and determined to become a theoretical physicist and genre author.  Somewhere along the way, I read Cannery Row and became infected with this idea of "characters" and "humanity" and "beauty."  My aspirations to be a pulp genre writer have never recovered.

Why do I write?  Because that's how I find beauty in the world.  With everything I write, I try to deepen and expand the place in the world that I inhabit.  I hope that everyone can find the same in their life.